How to Monitor and Avoid Labor Day Weekend Ferry Backups


labor day weekend backups

Two-Hour Wait: Edmonds-Kingston Ferry. One-Hour Wait: Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry. Those are two alerts that I guarantee will be posted at some point this Labor Day Weekend. Having traveled back and forth between the Olympic Peninsula and Seattle for six years while living in the Emerald City, weekend ferry backups became a frequent foe, but I created useful strategies to help avoid these waits.

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where's the schedule? created its own ferries page in order to provide travelers quick and easy access to the most relevant information related to ferry travel to the Olympic Peninsula. Specifically, the page lists the three terminals used to connect to the Peninsula, which provide links to the most up-to-date daily schedule for each terminal respectively. These updated schedules will provide alerts related to ferry backups, sailing delays, and other helpful notifications.

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how many spots are left?

At the bottom of our ferries page, we allow you to search how many vehicle spaces are left at each terminal for the next scheduled ferries. Thus, if you see that there are only 20 spaces left on the next Kingston sailing and there is ample room at the Bainbridge terminal, it can allow you to quickly change course and prevent a potential missed ferry.

Key Takeaways: How to Beat the Backup!

  • Use to pull updated schedules for your terminal
  • On this ferries page, use the "vehicle spaces remaining" tool to help make plans
  • Email or call us with any questions!
    • (360) 457-2259