Sol Duc Falls

5 Amazing Destinations to Explore During Highway 101 Closure Around Lake Crescent

Highway 101 will be closed around Lake Crescent beginning today (Sept 11) at 6:00 AM and is scheduled to remain closed until Friday morning, September 14, as announced by Olympic National Park. Although this is disappointing and inconvenient for travelers planning on exploring the Lake Crescent and Sol Duc regions, many of the Olympic Peninsula’s most iconic destinations are readily accessible. Here are five amazing areas to consider exploring during the four-day closure:

The Fall Color Farewell Tour: An Olympic National Park Daytrip to Say Goodbye to Autumn

Don’t let our quick autumn season come and go without taking time to admire the breathtaking fall colors we have here in the Pacific Northwest. Consider taking this Fall Color Farewell Tour on a scenic, enjoyable autumn daytrip in Olympic National Park.

Officially Announcing the Launch of Olympic National Park Guided Tours!

It’s official! We are excited to announce the launch of our Olympic National Park Guided Tours. Are you ready to explore the top destinations in Olympic National Park? We sure are!