Hoh Rain forest & Pacific COast

nature walk & hiking tour: 7-8 hours

$150 per passenger, 2 passenger minimum


Tour Details

  • Total Miles: 1-3 miles
  • Difficulty (1 Very Easy - 5 Very Difficult): 1 Easy
  • About the Hike: Flat, Nature Loops
  • Notable Landmarks: Hoh Rain Forest, Olympic Wilderness Coast, Rialto Beach
  • Picnic Lunch Available for purchase: $10 + tax (build your own sandwich, chips, trail mix, & bottled water)


  • Olympic National Park Entrance Fees
  • Certified & Trained Guide
  • Transportation

Tour Summary

What's great about Olympic National Park? You can explore a massive temperate rainforest and a rugged, scenic coastline in the same day! Take advantage of our Hoh Rain Forest and Pacific Coast tour for the ultimate combination.

Our adventures will begin by exploring the mossy giants and the lush green vegetation in the Hoh Rain Forest. We will venture on the Hall of Mosses nature loop, which provides some of the most picturesque views the Hoh Rain Forest has to offer. Green as far as the eye can see.

We'll spend the remainder of the tour exploring Rialto Beach, one of the gems of the Olympic Wilderness Coast! At Rialto, you can walk alongside towering seastacks, massive driftwood logs, and a beautiful coastal forest on the Pacific Ocean.

Two very diverse destinations, one incredible daytrip in Olympic National Park.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about this tour!

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