Private Hiking Tour: 6 Hours

Hiking & Sightseeing: 3 Hours

Driving: 3 Hours

Hole in the Wall Hiking Tour 1.jpg
Hole in the Wall Hiking Tour 2.jpg

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Tour Details

  • Hiking Info: 2 miles one-way, 4 miles roundtrip

  • Uneven, slippery terrain during low tide

  • Difficulty Rating (1 Very Easy - 5 Very Difficult): 3 Moderate

  • Picnic Meal Available for Purchase ($10 per passenger)

Tour Summary

Hole in the Wall at Rialto Beach is one of the best displays of rugged beauty that makes the Olympic Wilderness Coast so special. On this guided hiking tour, we will hike alongside towering sea stacks, massive driftwood logs, and tidepools on our 2 mile one-way hike to Hole in the Wall. Please note, Hole in the Wall is only safely accessible during lowtide, thus we have set up specific timeslots in order to complete this hiking tour in conjunction with the optimal low tide timing.