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Summary: Are you looking for a peaceful outdoor escape? Completely lose yourself in tranquil nature? The Olympic Hot Springs is arguably the closest personal interaction with nature you can experience on the Olympic Peninsula. Located in the Elwha Valley, the road to the Olympic Hot Springs takes you deep into the heart of Olympic National Park. You can visit the Elwha River Restoration site where the Elwha Dam was recently removed along the way. From the trailhead parking lot, it is an enjoyable 2.4 mile hike to the Olympic Hot Springs and choose one of the variety of authentic, untouched natural hot springs to soak in.

Quick Facts:

  • Length: 4.8 miles roundtrip
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Location: Elwha Valley - 21 miles West of Port Angeles
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Gallery Roadmap

appleton pass trailhead

Trailhead Sign.jpg

suspension bridge over the elwha river

Suspension Bridge.jpg

authentic natural hot springs

Authentic Natural Hot Springs.jpg