Hello! I am Tommy Farris, Owner & Founder of Olympic Hiking Co. My passion is to help Olympic Peninsula travelers make lifelong memories while exploring Olympic National Park. I absolutely love meeting new people and showing travelers the wide-array of adventures we have in this scenic northwest corner of the world. If you'd like to learn more about me and how my passion led me to start this business, feel free to read the full story below! Happy Adventures!

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The background

I grew up with Olympic National Park in my backyard. For me, the Olympic Mountains, Lake Crescent, Rain Forests, and Pacific Ocean was my normal, everyday backdrop. It wasn't until moving to Seattle to study at the University of Washington that I realized how incredibly lucky I was to call Olympic National Park home.

Where it began

As a 19 year old college freshman, I was tasked to create a new idea for a creativity course. With my goal to study business, I decided to create a business that helped visitors explore and find new adventures on the Olympic Peninsula. As I progressed through the UW Business School, I continued utilizing my business model for class projects and never stopped developing strategies and ideas.

The crossroads

Despite my entrepreneurial interest, I continued forward with a Masters in Accounting from the UW and worked in Public Accounting for two years. After six years in Seattle, I became homesick for my beautiful, outdoor-centered hometown of Port Angeles and took a job in Finance. Even though I was back in the heart of Olympic National Park, my second corporate opportunity made me further realize I could not ignore my passion of starting this business any longer. I decided to go all in.

All IN

In January of 2016, I decided to go all in. I transitioned my house into an Olympic National Park vacation rental on Airbnb, I finalized my website that summarized Olympic National Park travel information and tips, and began the process of being commercially authorized, licensed, and insured to lead Olympic National Park Guided Hiking Tours. It has not been an easy ride, at all. But after my first full season of leading hiking adventures throughout Olympic National Park and look back through the pictures, smiles, and memories, I realize I'm doing exactly what I am supposed to do.

Why Work with Me?

To be perfectly honest and candid, I am finishing this write-up at 1:57 AM because I am that passionate about my business and doing everything I possibly can for my clients to make their trip memorable. I pour hours of my time building custom itineraries, analyzing travel times, and hiking every single trail I possibly can to ensure the best possible experience. My goal isn't to just visit the top destinations, but instead, my goal is to create lifelong memories as we marvel at the incredible sights, conquer hikes, and explore the wonders of Olympic National Park.