explore a former world war ii lookout

Summary: Pyramid Peak is one of the hidden gem hikes of the Olympic Peninsula. It is accessed via Camp David Jr. Road off of Highway 101, which provides access to the less-busy Northern shores of Lake Crescent. Parking is available in the North Shore Picnic Area - 3.2 miles from the highway turnoff. The trailhead is located directly on the Spruce Railroad Trail, which is part of the Peninsula's Olympic Discovery Trail. The best part about the Spruce Railroad trail and Pyramid Peak, the North Shore of Lake Crescent is pet-friendly, so bring your four-legged friend on the hike!

From the trailhead, you'll walk through beautiful forestry with peaks of Lake Crescent along the way. At the 1.4 mile mark, you'll reach June Creek, which is great water source if you brought your favorite canine friend. At the 1.75 mile mark, you'll reach the infamous landslide area, which is about the length of a football field. Proceed with caution, however, after the crossing, take in one of the best views of Lake Crescent the Peninsula offers. After the the landslide, the trail steepens and the switchbacks begin. At the 2.75 mile mark, you'll reach the ridge crest, which offers views of the Straits of Juan De Fuca along the way. Continue the ascent until you see one of the best kept secret's on the Peninsula, the Pyramid Peak World War II lookout cabin (3.5 mile mark).

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trailhead located directly on spruce railroad trail

Trailhead Spruce RR.jpg

beautiful forests throughout

Forests near beginning.jpg

June creek

June Creek.jpg

landslide crossing

Landslide crossing.jpg

sweeping view of lake crescent

Landslide viewpoint.jpg

Switchbacks into the Forest


Former World War II Lookout

WWII lookout.jpg