a remote, rugged beauty

Summary: Shi Shi Beach is the textbook definition for the Olympic Wilderness Coast. The sandy landscape is pristine, the rugged sea stacks are massive, the tide pools are full of life, and you feel as if you're in the middle of the wilderness. A muddy, 2 mile hike through the Makah Reservation forestry leads you to the Olympic National Park boundary and Shi Shi Beach. From the beach, proceed another 2 miles South to reach Point of the Arches, one of the best beach displays on the Peninsula. During low tide, walk amongst towering sea stacks and explore the colorful tide pools.

Quick Facts:

  • Distance: 4 miles roundtrip for beach; 8 miles roundtrip for Point of the Arches
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Drive: 2 hour 26 minutes; 97 miles West of Port Angeles
  • Google Maps
  • Makah Recreation Pass required
  • Washington Trails Association

Overnight Backpacking Notes:

  • Overnight backpackers recommended to use secured parking lot venues 0.6 miles prior to trailhead
  • Both a Makah Reservation Pass and Olympic National Park Wilderness Camping Permit are required
  • Be sure to check the Tide Schedule prior to your visit

Gallery Roadmap

2 mile hike through the forest

hike through forest.jpg

steep descent to the beach

steep descent.jpg

Flawless sandy landscape during low tide

Incredible Sandy Landscape.jpg

Towering sea stacks

Towering Sea Stacks.jpg

Point of the arches (4 mile mark)

Point of the Arches.jpg

Colorful tide pools

Tide Pools.jpg

The wild, rugged pacific coastline

Wild rugged coastline.jpg