a rain forest adventure for all ages 

Summary:  Surround yourself with towering evergreen giants, moss-laden maples, and green as far as the eye can see. The Hall of Mosses trail (0.8 miles) provides some of the most spectacular views the Hoh Rain Forest has to offer. The trail is well-maintained and less than a mile from the parking lot, making it the perfect rain forest adventure for travelers of all ages. Want to explore more? Consider adding in the 1.2 mile Spruce Nature Trail and the Hoh River Trail to your Hoh Rain Forest hiking itinerary. 

Quick Facts:

Gallery roadmap

Scenic bridge crossing near trailhead


The "lunging" maple in maple grove

Giant Maple.jpg

towering evergreen giants

Towering Giants.jpg

moss-laden maples

Giant Maples.jpg

ferns outline the nature trail


green as far as the eye can see