a scenic boardwalk hike to the pacific coast

Summary: The Ozette Triangle loop is one of the favorite multi-day backpacking hikes on the Olympic Peninsula. 0.25 miles from the Ranger Station, you'll reach the crossroads for the Cape Alava trail (3.1 miles) and Sand Point trail (3.0 miles). Both lead you on boardwalk trails through the Olympic National Park forest until reaching the pacific coastline. Upon reaching the pacific coast, you can set up camp along the shoreline or hike the 3 miles of shoreline that connects the triangle loop.

Quick Facts:

Gallery Roadmap

Bridge near trailhead

Ozette Bridge.jpg

Capa Alava - Sand Point Junction

Crossroads Ozette.jpg

Scenic Boardwalk Trails

Boardwalk Trails.jpg

Lake Ozette Forest

Lake Ozette Forest.jpg

Sand Point Viewpoint

Sand Point viewpoint.jpg

scenic Pacific Coastline

Pacific Coastline.jpg

Cape Alava

Capa Alava.jpg