a must-see scenic stop along highway 101

Summary: Ruby Beach is an absolute must for those traveling along Highway 101, visiting the nearby Hoh Rain Forest, or Kalaloch Lodge. Since it is only a 0.25 mile nature trail to the coast, Ruby Beach is the ideal scenic stop for those wanting a quick, accessible Pacific Coast experience. Don't let its accessibility fool you. Ruby Beach is one of the gems of the Pacific Coastline. Abbey Island and other sea stacks decorate the coastline with the Olympic National Park forest as a backdrop. Although the large collections of massive driftwood logs along the shoreline are beautiful, you should take caution when climbing over them to access the beach.

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Gallery roadmap

First viewpoint of ruby beach

First Viewpoint.jpg

collections of massive driftwood logs

Driftwood Coastline.jpg

walk up to beautiful sea stacks

Sea stacks.jpg

the iconic abbey island

Abbey Island.jpg

colorful low tide pools

Low Tide Adventures.jpg

Sea stacks during low tide

Sea stacks at low tide.jpg

Absolutely breathtaking coastline

breathtaking coastline.jpg