Discover nature's amphitheatre

Summary: Lake Angeles is one of the most renown landmarks on the Peninsula as the lake sits in an mountainous amphitheater with Klahhane Ridge as its backdrop. Its beauty is prevalent year-a-round. During the cold winter months, the Lake will freeze into a layer of ice, christened with snow. In the summer time, it's a perfect spot for a lunch time picnic or an overnight camping areas for backpackers. The hike itself has a consistent ascent to the top, which is fairly steep. However, the trail leads you through beautiful forestry, over some small creeks, and of course the view of Lake Angeles make the trek worth it.

Quick Facts:

Gallery Roadmap

beginning the ascent into the forest

Deep Forest.jpg

rustic nature bridge over a creek

Nature Bridge.jpg

beautiful forestry

Lake Angeles Forest.jpg

passing by nature in every step

Surrounded by Nature.jpg

view of the majestic lake angeles

Lake Angeles Amphithreatre.jpg