explore the heart of olympic national park

Summary: Obstruction Point provides you incredible access into the heart of the Olympic Mountain range. It is reached via an 8 mile gravel road from the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center. Two important points: 1) it is a very narrow, windy road that can be an intimidating drive; 2) it is closed during each winter season due to snow.

When the road is open, Obstruction Point allows you to begin your hikes at the core of Olympic National Park. Whether you want to backpack to Deer Park, Grand Ridge, Moose Lake, or just take in the views atop Lillian Ridge, Obstruction Point offers a wide variety of adventures and some of the most diverse viewpoints in the park.

Quick Facts:

gallery roadmap

Obstruction point trailhead

Obstruction Point Trailhead.jpg

Decent into badger valley

Badger Valley.jpg

trail from grand lake to moose lake

Trail to Moose Lake.jpg

moose lake

Moose Lake.jpg

ascent up lillian ridge

Lillian Ridge.jpg

ridge-line trail to obstruction point


Northern viewpoint atop the ridge

Northern Viewpoint.jpg